5 Good Reasons to Frequent Downtown Harrisonburg

Downtown Harrisonburg is a place filled with history, shopping, dining, and local businesses. It carries a wonderful ambiance. When visiting, it feels like you are in a different world, so here are some good reasons for not just visiting, but frequenting Downtown Harrisonburg.

  • Shops: There are many local retail shops in Downtown Harrisonburg. You can find anything from vintage clothing, to books, to jewelry, to art, to flowers… the list goes on! For a full list of Downtown shops, click here.
  • Restaurants: Eating is one of Harrisonburg’s favorite things to do. Step Downtown one evening and find folks dining in every restaurant — on the rooftop at Dave’s Taverna or sitting cozy in the Earth & Tea Cafe, or drinking a homemade brew at Cally’s Restaurant and Brewery. Find any type of cuisine on any budget. It will take more than one visit to enjoy all the tastes of Downtown Harrisonburg. For a full list of Downtown restaurants, click here.
  • Rejuvenation Project: If you’ve visited Downtown Harrisonburg recently, you’ve noticed it undergoing some renovation. After a meeting in September to discuss the vision for the project, this construction began. Eddie Bumbaugh, Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance Executive Director, says, “Every downtown changes over time – some in a positive direction and some move backward – some with a plan for the future and some without an overall vision.” Harrisonburg is moving in a positive direction to achieve growth and stability. Visit often to truly appreciate the beauty that is Downtown Harrisonburg.
  • Local Businesses: Many locals have started their businesses in (or moved their businesses to) Downtown Harrisonburg. Help the local economy by frequenting these locally owned establishments. The farmer’s market is a great place to buy local produce and hand-crafted goods. Other locally owned businesses are You Made It! Pottery Studio, OASIS Gallery, Downtown Wine & Gourmet, Glen’s Fair Price, and La De Da.
  • History: It only takes a few seconds to realize that once you step Downtown, you are in a historical spot. Court Square was originally a two and a half acre piece of land owned by Thomas Harrison. In 1779, he deeded that land to the city. A year later, 50 more acres were deeded to the city and because of that transaction, Harrisonburg was considered the county seat. Downtown Harrisonburg has been around for centuries, and is still thriving! Isn’t that reason enough to visit, and visit often? For the full history of Harrisonburg, click here.

Hmmm… I’m feeling a bit like eating a plate of Biryani at the Indian & American Cafe for lunch. Anyone want to join me?

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