Get The Most Value From Your Home Improvements

Sellers — or homeowners looking to receive top dollar when you’re ready to sell — is your home improvement to-do list overwhelming? Now you can prioritize your to-do list! HomeGain has a helpful calculator on their web site to assist you in determining which home improvement projects to work on to bring you the highest value for your investment. It even targets geographic areas because in different areas of the country, buyers are looking for different upgrades.

Just enter your zip code and answer a handful of questions about your home. The calculator then prioritizes the home improvements that you have yet to accomplish, and tells you how much return you should expect. For instance, in Harrisonburg, to hire a landscaper or gardener to trim back overgrowth and maintain your yard will cost about $400, but you’ll gain a value of around $2,000, so the return on investment is roughly 400%!

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