Get To Know Harrisonburg: Links, Maps, and a Guide

When I first moved to Harrisonburg almost 5 years ago, it was confusing! I had moved from the West Coast and was used to roads being laid out like grids, I hadn’t lived in a college town as a “townie,” and I was still on the job hunt. It was difficult because I wasn’t used to it, but as I got to know the area, I came to like the windy roads, the college atmosphere, and eventually I found a job. If you are thinking of moving here, or are new to the area, fear not! We have provided you with a list of helpful links, maps, and a relocation guide of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. We hope you find these useful, and if you have suggestions for improvement, please let us know!

A quick preview of each page mentioned above…


  • To municipal web sites
  • To schools — and our cool “Search by School” tool
  • To colleges and universities
  • To other useful links like the Chamber of Commerce, Harrisonburg Tourism, and Downtown


  • Neighborhoods map with video tours
  • Townhomes, duplexes, and condos in the area
  • Homes in close proximity to JMU
  • Shopping and restaurants
  • Lodging
  • Places to go and things to do
  • Schools and libraries
  • Other maps like post office locations, daycare and preschool options, and free wi-fi hot spots


  • Statistics
  • Tax Rates
  • Parks
  • Attractions
  • Events
  • Golf Courses
  • Fitness and Health Centers
  • Apartments and Long-Term Rentals
  • and much more!

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