Bypass Around Bridgewater May Be Approved

The discussion of constructing a bypass around the Town of Bridgewater is back on the table after 24 years of contemplation. Residents of Bridgewater are mostly in agreement that this bypass needs to be built, but opposition is coming from those just outside of Bridgewater town limits. The Town of Bridgewater has made it clear that turning the bypass into a commercial strip of shopping centers, convenience stores, and the like will not occur. It will be a limited-access road that will have few connections along its 2.3-mile route. Currently, an average of 300+ tractor-trailers pass through Bridgewater on Dinkel Avenue on a daily basis.

So, where will this bypass actually go? The alternative recommended by VDOT begins at the intersection of Dinkel Avenue and Don Litten Parkway and connects with Route 42 at a point north of Turner Ashby High School. This new bypass road will include a pedestrian, bicycle, and buggy path as well.

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