Introducing… Video Tours!

Video tours of homes are the hot new thing in real estate marketing, and in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County are an extremely new way to market properties. We have been working on getting video tours up and running on our residential listings for about a year. We finally have it off the ground, and they are valuable to both buyers and sellers.

Sellers feel that video tours show a truer perspective of their home than still photos or even virtual tours do. Buyers can get a great idea of what the home actually looks like and how it flows from room to room.

We are very proud of this feat, and would like to share with you three of our videos so far…

760 Grove Street, Harrisonburg   |   Click to view video

2605 Rising Rock Court, Harrisonburg   |   Click to view video

1039 Alexander Hamilton Lane, Harrisonburg   |   Click to view video

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