Real Estate Maps Showcase Home Values, Neighborhood Info, and More

Maps, back in the day, were used primarily for navigating from Point A to Point B, but since the online world has become this diverse, interactive playground full of really cool tools, maps have taken on a whole new role. Maps can show us information about neighborhoods, schools, home values and how they’ve changed over the years, characteristics of certain areas (like age, income, etc.), crime, the list goes on.

Our team has created a number of maps full of information about Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, but there are a lot of nice real estate sites out there that provide information that is driven by data. One such site is Cyberhomes. I love the Cyberhomes website. They are constantly updating their site with videos, maps, national real estate news, blog posts, and other tools related to real estate. Keep in mind that this site is targeting the national real estate market, not a specific area of the country. You’ll need to continue visiting us here at Harrisonblog to get valuable local real estate information. Remember to check out our maps, links, and relocation guide, too! (We’re continually updating these to better suit you.)

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