Bridgewater Dinkel Avenue Construction Project

In Bridgewater, safety and aesthetic are two very important traits, and for both of these reasons, a construction project on Dinkel Avenue has been in the planning stages for a long while now. Finally, the project will move forward in August!

Part of the reason the planning process has taken so long is because it is a federally funded project. At any rate, the enhancements made to Dinkel Avenue, which is the “gateway” to downtown Bridgewater, will provide much more safety — especially for Bridgewater College students — and a more attractive entrance to the town’s Main Street.

A & J Construction will be adding landscaped areas, constructing a median at the beginning and end of the project, and stamping and coloring the asphalt so it will look like brick pavers, as you can see in the rendition above. Dinkel Avenue is currently quite wide, so adding the median and “brick” area down the center of the road will give the illusion that the street is more narrow. This, in turn, will cause drivers to slow down because studies show that folks drive slower when they think streets are more narrow.

The project is fully funded by VDOT, and will be administered by the Town of Bridgewater.

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