Harrisonburg Receives $500,000 Industrial Revitalization Grant

In September 2012, the City of Harrisonburg applied for a grant from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development with the hopes of gaining funds to revitalize the Cassco Ice House Complex in downtown Harrisonburg. The City received $500,000 for this project, which is the largest grant allotment of the more than $900,000 in total grant funds awarded across Virginia.

The Cassco Ice House Complex was built in 1934 and is a landmark that has been the focal point of Harrisonburg’s urban core for over 75 years. Sadly, though, this 80,000 square foot building has deteriorated over the years and needs a renovation.

Here is what the building looks like today (in Google Street View):

Private companies and citizens have been working with local government to make this project a reality for quite some time, so it is exciting to see this partnership having an effect on the Harrisonburg community and revitalizing our local economic development as well!

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