Planning a Garden? Building a Home? Calculate Sun Position At Your Address

If you are planning a garden, placing windows strategically in your new home construction project, or installing solar panels for going green, this SunCalc tool is for you! Even if you’re not currently doing any of the aforementioned tasks, its pretty sweet to see how the sun moves over your specific property.

Simply enter your address at the top, and SunCalc will show you sun position, sunlight phases, sunrise, sunset, dusk, and dawn times there. Here is an image for our downtown office address for February 19, 2014.

Calculate the sun's position at any time of day, any date on the calendar with SunCalc


Obviously as the seasons change, sunrise and sunset times will change. So, say you are planning a garden and you want to know which part of your yard will get the most sun exposure on July 15th… you can change the date with this tool, too!

There are tools you can purchase at home improvement and gardening centers that you stick in the ground and wait several hours or days for information like this to help you, but why go to the cost and trouble when a free, easy-to-use web tool will calculate this for you? We all have moments when we love technology and others when we hate it. This is one of those times when we love it.

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