Area Parks: Wildwood Features a Perfect Blend of Sun, Shade, and Beautiful Scenery

Wildwood Main 2
For the fourth park in our Area Parks Series we visited Wildwood Park, tucked into a peaceful and scenic corner of Bridgewater. Take a look!
Location 2

Wildwood Park is located off West Bank Street along North River on the Western edge of Bridgewater.


The park consists of 10 acres of lush greenery flanked by the North River on one side and a quiet neighborhood on the other. Whether you want to sit and bask in the sun or take a peaceful walk through a shady wooded path, Wildwood Park is the place for you.

Features 2

Wildwood features a sheltered picnic area along with many other picnic tables (some in the sun and some in the shade), waterfall, suspension bridge, grills, playground, swing set, restrooms, off-street parking, 0.3 mile path, and even a poet tree (yep, a poet tree). All this is highlighted by the beautiful scenery of the river and surrounding woods.

Why We Love It

We love this park because it’s simple but beautiful. It perfectly blends sun and shade, water and woods. Lovely landscaping with pretty flowers can be spotted all around the park. The river provides a nice level of peace and tranquility, while playing host to many birds including ducks, geese, blue herons, and even swans. If you’re looking for a place to bring kids to play or to relax and read a good book or to take a quiet walk with your dog, Wildwood is a worthwhile destination.

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