Swimming in the Valley

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Looking for ways to stay cool this summer?  Take the plunge at some of our local pools and swimming holes.

A seasonal pool membership can run from $135-$395 per summer, but there are also a few pools that allow for day visits without a membership (Broadway, Westover, Natural Chimneys)

Area Pools

Ashby Recreation Association (in Bridgewater)

Broadway Community Pool

East Rockingham Recreation Association (near Lakewood Golf Course)

Natural Chimneys Campground

Spotswood Country Club

Westover Pool  (in Harrisonburg)

north river campground | Harrisonblog.com
North River Campground

Swimming holes are a natural, free way to have fun in the water.  Whether you are skipping rocks or jumping off of them, our local swimming holes are a fun adventure for people of all ages. The places located within a National Park often have a day pass fee of $5-10.  Make sure you bring cash in small bills to cover this cost.

Swimming Holes

Mountain Run Swim Hole

North River Camp Ground

Rip Rap Hollow

Todd Lake

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