We Just Upped Our Level of Service to Sellers

Our team is proud to announce that we are now Trulia Pro members, which means that we can do a lot more for our listings on Trulia. We’ve been blogging and making our presence known on Trulia for some time now, but we have just stepped up our marketing efforts yet again by signing up for Trulia Pro.

We can highlight our listings, track their views, and even advertise our listings on different parts of the site. Sellers, we can send you weekly reports of how your listing is doing in terms of how many people have seen your listing on Trulia. More exposure for your listing = more potential showings and more potential buyers! What’s not to like about that?

Click here to see what other cool things we do for our sellers.

About Lisa Oates

Lisa is the creative mind behind The Harrisonburg Homes Team, providing streamlined content management, quality authorship, and graphic design for Harrisonblog. She's passionate about blogging, enjoying life, and a good cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “We Just Upped Our Level of Service to Sellers

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  2. Brooke

    Loving Trulia! I’ve set it up to notify me of price and status changes in houses I’ve got my eye on (for one reason or another). How awesome is that?

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