How to Qualify for Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

We’ve posted a lot about the first time home buyer tax credit lately, but what about some other tax credits related to real estate? Energy efficiency can not only gain you tax credits, but also confidence in that you are helping the environment, and energy savings long-term.

We came across this really cool guide to energy-efficiency tax credits, which allows you to roll over different portions of the image and explains what you need to do to qualify for a tax credit in that part of your home. Click the image below to go to the guide:

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1 thoughts on “How to Qualify for Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

  1. Mark Pannell

    I’ve been working for a company that works closely with Therma-Tru. A few weeks ago, they put together a nice little video and info site that explains the energy tax credit in layman’s terms. It’s been a pleasure to work with a company that understands that sometimes, education is more important than advertising. Check it out at

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