Our Own Brant Suter = REALTOR Extraordinaire

If you’ve ever met Brant Suter, proud member of The Harrisonburg Homes Team, you know that he is charismatic, fun, exciting, and professional. To prove that he puts a high value on providing quality customer service to his clients, he earned a perfect score on his customer satisfaction surveys in 2009!

What is a customer satisfaction survey, you ask? Each time a transaction is completed at Kline May Realty, the brokerage sends out a survey to the clients that were represented by Kline May. So, each time Brant represented one of the parties at the closing table, his clients were given a survey to complete with questions regarding Brant’s service. 16 of his clients completed their surveys.

Among other things, each customer was asked to rate their REALTOR on the following:

  • Services of your agent
  • Keeping you informed through the process
  • Responding to you in a timely manner
  • Agent availability when you specifically needed them
  • Agent being honest with you at all times
  • Agent following up after your closing
  • Agent professionalism and knowledge
  • Explaining the contract

To be quite honest, it is practically impossible to get a perfect score for an entire year, but if anyone could do it, it would be Brant, and we are so proud of his accomplishments.

Congrats, Brant!

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