Virginia Home Efficiency Rebate Program Is Open Again!

As of today at noon, the Home Efficiency Rebate Program is open again, making approximately $5 million available to those who make their existing homes more energy efficient. This seems like a lot of money (which is provided by the Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy), but it will not last long.

According to the Division of Energy, “energy efficiency improvements include upgrading certain heating equipment, adding insulation, replacing leaky windows, and making other improvements to existing homes that reduce energy consumption and utility costs. Under this new program, homeowners will be eligible to reserve funds for rebates for 20 percent of the costs of qualifying energy conserving products and services, up to $595. Energy audits will be rebated for the cost of the audit, up to $250.”

Applications are being taken now, and the program is running on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you are itching to get some of that cash, act fast!

Want to have an energy audit done on your home? Benjamin Meredith, owner of Building Knowledge, provides them, and does an excellent job.

To apply for the tax rebate, an online application tutorial is available, which provides instructions on how to do so.

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2 thoughts on “Virginia Home Efficiency Rebate Program Is Open Again!

  1. Lisa Oates Post author

    Great, James! In the post above, we’ve provided a link to the application tutorial, and we’ve also given the name of a local man in the Harrisonburg area who does energy audits. We highly recommend his services. He does a great job.

  2. James M. Bonner

    I wish to register for rebate/credit on replacement windows, storm doors and electric water heater

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