How Could the Northend Greenway Project Benefit Harrisonburg?

If you’ve been tuned in to the Harrisonburg news lately, you’ve probably read or heard about the Northend Greenway Project, which will be a 2.5 mile recreation and transportation multi-use path stretching from the Harrisonburg Farmers Market through downtown to VMRC. This would give residents in the Park View, EMU, and Holiday Hills neighborhoods a much easier route to downtown.

Okay, so what? How could this project possibly benefit the Harrisonburg community? It will cost a lot of money… and will anyone really use it?

Here are just a few reasons this will be a major benefit to the local community:

  1. This will be a safe route connecting two popular Harrisonburg areas, allowing folks of all ages to walk, run or bike via a public green space.
  2. This project is an integral part of the revitalization taking place in downtown, which will make a positive impact on the look and feel of the area.
  3. The path would support community efforts to improve health and wellness, increase opportunities for alternative transportation, and enhance economic development along and around the path.
  4. It has been researched and proven that property values around green spaces improve significantly, and polls have been taken that show results of residents holding neighborhood amenities like green spaces and pathways at a very high value.

To learn more about the Northend Greenway Project of Harrisonburg, visit or check out their Facebook Page!

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