Area Parks: Purcell Features Wide Open Spaces and Beautiful Scenery in the Heart of Harrisonburg

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I think it’s finally safe to say that warm weather is here, and here to stay for the next several months! In order to help you come out of your winter hiding and enjoy this gorgeous weather to its fullest, we’re starting a series of posts about our area’s local parks. The always lovely Purcell Park is the first in our series. So, take a stroll through the pictures and then get out there and enjoy it!

Location 2

Purcell Park is located at 41 Monument Avenue off South Main Street. You can enter the park from Monument Avenue, Miller Circle (off South Main Street), or using the recently constructed Bluestone Trail that connects Pheasant Run to the Park.


Purcell Park is 67 acres of lovely rolling hills dotted with beautiful trees that provide shade and a great place to relax. A meandering stretch of Blacks Run River dissects the park and a small pond can be found at one end of the park. There are several spacious, open fields, ideal for pick-up sporting games.

Features 2

The park has a 1.5 mile walking/jogging trail, 3 picnic shelters with picnic tables, 3 softball/baseball fields, 4 tennis courts, two playground areas, and several bathrooms.


Blacks Run CleanUp Day, as the name implies, is an annual event when volunteers get together to clean up Blacks Run, maintaining the water way as a good habitat and a beautiful feature of Harrisonburg.
Bluestone Trail Night Bike Ride is an event where you’re invited to decorate your bike with lights and glow sticks and head to Purcell for activities, games, and a fun bike ride in the dark.

Why We Love It

What makes Purcell a great place to hang out? It’s a multi-faceted park with areas to play, walk, picnic, and relax. The multiple large open areas make it ideal for large group gatherings. In good weather the park is a vibrant place with adults, kids, and dogs out enjoying the sunshine. So, if you’re looking for solitude, Purcell may not be your best option. But, if you like a friendly face or two to say ‘hello’ to, beautiful scenery, and a sunny place to hang out, make sure to check out Purcell!

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    Curious to know how Purcell Park was named. Is it named after a native son?

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