How To Pack Up & Move Out of Your Home: A Two-Month Timeline [with printable checklist]

How to Pack Up & Move Out of your home: a two-month timeline [with printable checklist!]

Woohoo! You’ve found “the one” and your home search is over! You just signed a contract to buy the house, but now what happens?? Getting ready to move can be overwhelming and stressful, but thankfully the anticipation of living in a new place pushes you onward. And, BONUS, we help our clients with this everyday, so we know exactly what you need to do to get from point A to point B!

The typical lifespan of a contract is about two months. Believe it or not, this is just the right amount of time to make moving preparations and to pack your stuff into boxes.

To help guide you, we’ve created a helpful printable checklist for what to do before the big moving day [click image below or download it here].

Packing and Moving Checklist [printable] | The Harrisonburg Homes Team

To get you started, here are our suggestions for what to do right away… or two months from moving day:

Packing and Moving Checklist: Two Months Out

For more preparation tasks, remember to download the full checklist. Take a deep breath. When you use this guide, everything will get taken care of. As a bonus, we’ve added some helpful packing tips to the end of the printable, too:

Packing Tips //

  • Wrap items individually, placing the heaviest items on the bottom and lightest items on the top.
  • Pack similar items and sets in the same box.
  • Label each box as you go with a description and the room it belongs to.
  • Pack books in small boxes because they get heavy.
  • Clean or wipe off everything as you pack them so you don’t bring your old dirt to your new home.
  • Disconnect appliances from power and water supply just before final lock-up.
  • Dispose properly of expired food, liquids, and medicines as you pack.

After your move, if you’ve used this two-month timeline for packing up and moving out of your home, let us know! We’d love to hear all about how it helped you through the process.

Do you have tips or advice for packing and moving? Share in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “How To Pack Up & Move Out of Your Home: A Two-Month Timeline [with printable checklist]

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  3. James Bergman

    I like your timeline list and may have to use it next time I move. I do like to start a little earlier than two months out, though. I just don’t like being rushed when it comes to packing. When I am rushed I tend to pack haphazardly, which definitely isn’t good for anything I pack.

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  5. Justin@Supercheapboxes

    Set packing goals the same way you set other goals in your life. Be as specific as possible: Pack the living room on Monday, the garage on Tuesday, or whatever systematic method works best for you.

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  7. Anna Payne

    Great tips and the checklist is very convenient, too. I’ve moved few times and my last move was the worst of all. Although I already was working as a mover, organizing and preparing all my stuff for relocation was the biggest nightmare for me. It’s different from moving other people’s homes. I’m now moving again, in march, and decided to deal with all that on time. Your checklist is quite helpful for me and your tips gave me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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