Discovering Harrisonburg’s Suburbs: Bridgewater

Discovering Harrisonburg's Suburbs: Bridgewater

Bridgewater is a quaint and friendly town nestled along the banks of the North and Dry Rivers, and features a rich history with the first settlers arriving in the 1740’s. A couple of homes built in the early 1800’s are still standing! The Town of Bridgewater was chartered on February 7, 1835.

Fast forward to the present. With a population of approximately 6,000, Bridgewater is experiencing a pleasant amount of growth. A brand new farmers market, ice skating rink, and restaurant — all in one facility on Main Street — was developed in 2015, plus a bit of neighborhood growth is taking place just outside of town limits to the north, and plans for pedestrian-friendly upgrades to come in the next few years.

The Juxtaposition of Local Charm + Bustling Industry

One of the best things about Bridgewater is that it is home to several amazing parks and locally owned shops (plus Bluestone Vineyard!), but it also houses many major employers. Companies like Dynamic Aviation, Marshall’s, Perdue, Bridgewater College, and Shickel Corporation all call Bridgewater home, which brings thousands of folks into the town on a daily basis.

A Community of Fun

The Town of Bridgewater focuses lots of attention on creating fun for all ages. Some great annual events include summer concerts in the park, the Bridgewater Lawn Party (with accompanying parades), the Christmas Parade, and Labor Day Celebration.

Other fun pastimes in Bridgewater are watching Bridgewater College athletic events, the annual Nutcracker performance put on by Rockingham Ballet Theater, the impressive Little League program, several different 5K races, Ashby Pool & Recreation Area, and the Doug Will Tennis Center. One more fantastic event in Bridgewater is the town-wide yard sale that occurs every summer and fall.

Take a look at this flyover view of Bridgewater:

Looking for more helpful information about Bridgewater? We’ve got a page dedicated just to this enjoyable suburb of Harrisonburg that includes a list of homes and land currently for sale. You can also read up on what’s been happening in Bridgewater recently.

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