Harrisonburg Dairy Queen Goes Green

Harrisonburg Dairy Queen at Harmony Square Goes Green

Harmony Square’s Dairy Queen has undergone an impressive upgrade recently. I got the inside scoop from architect, Charles Hendricks. I’m not sure what I found more intriguing – the fact that this just may be the greenest Dairy Queen in the country or the fact that an internationally acclaimed ice cream cake decorator works at the store… Read on and maybe you can decide that for yourself.

Are Blizzards Tastier When Made by the Sun?

DQ 1

As I said, this might be the most energy-efficient Dairy Queen in the whole country. Some of the remarkable features of this restaurant include:

  • solar panels
  • LED lights
  • high performance insulation
  • tube skylights
  • on demand water heating
  • storm water management system

As Charles Hendricks pointed out, where else can you go to get a blizzard made by the sun?

Apart from the green features, the new patio and extra room and seating inside will be sure to make any new or returning costumer happy!

Where Can You Get an Expertly Decorated Cake?

Well, Harmony Square’s Dairy Queen, of course!


Next time you need an ice cream cake for a party, I would definitely suggest that you get your cake from this Dairy Queen. Did I mention that Whitney Hartman, who works at Dairy Queen, made it to the international DQ Iron Tip Cake Decorating competition?

That’s right. We have an all-star in our midst.

Two years ago Whitney overcame over 300 other competitors to make it to the finals. The finals consisted of five contestants –  the winner from the previous year, two competitors from the U.S., and two international competitors.

Needless to say, I think that your next birthday cake is safe in her hands.

They’ve also just started making “photo cakes” – bring in your own photo and they’ll put it on a cake for you. The possibilities are endless…

Want to learn more about this project? Check out this blog post!

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