Wilson Downtown Gallery: Eliza German

Wilson Downtown Gallery: Eliza German | Harrisonblog

We are thrilled to have Eliza German as our next artist at the Wilson Downtown Gallery. Her paintings are unique, dynamic, vibrant, and eye-catching. This is a show you’ll definitely want to catch – stop in to our office during the week or at one of our Art Receptions to check it out!

Wilson Downtown Gallery: Eliza German | Harrisonblog

About the Artist:

Having a zest for life, nature, wildlife, sunsets, colors and textures would be my biggest inspiration. I believe that with hard work, challenging yourself further, as well as simply and purely enjoying life, you can accomplish many things. I also strive to remind myself and others, it’s the little things you enjoy along the way that end up being most important.

Nothing brings me more joy than to make a special un-spoken connection with a stranger or friend through a work of art. Something that really grabs you by your heart or soul, and you can’t exactly explain why you’re drawn to it. I feel gifted in this way and this is my contribution to this world.

(Source: ElizaGerman.com)


Eliza German, Acrylics
Wilson Downtown Gallery

83 South Main Street, Harrisonburg [map]
May 6, 2016 @ 5:00 PM–8:00 PM
Light refreshments provided

Or stop by between 10 AM & 5 PM, Tuesday-Friday

Wilson Downtown Gallery: Eliza German | Harrisonblog

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