50-Year-Old Harrisonburg Time Capsule Reveal

Time Capsule from 1966 Revealed on Court Square in Harrisonburg, Virginia | Harrisonblog

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 100th anniversary on April 26th.

To commemorate their century of service to the community, a little piece of history will be revealed on the Court House Lawn at 2:15pm. A time capsule that was buried in 1966 will be dug up and its contents rediscovered. We know that there is a lengthy list of items in the time capsule, but no one knows exactly what’s inside… five decades has a way of erasing such memories.

Once the contents have been revealed, they’ll be displayed on tables for the attendees to view and experience a little throwback into how the world was 50 years ago.

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