The Design Corner: Inspiration for Your Walls

The Design Corner: Inspiration for Your Walls | Staging & Design | Harrisonblog

Your walls comprise a large portion of your home. Think of them as a giant blank canvas on which you get to decorate. We’ve compiled a few ideas and tips to help get you started decorating vertically.


A definite trend right now – gallery walls are not just for photos any more. While a gallery wall of photos is still a classy and striking design option, a more eclectic approach is just as acceptable (and lots of fun!)


(Image Source: The Crafted Sparrow)

If you decide to incorporate a gallery wall as part of your home decor, it is essential that you diagram it out first. Measure the pieces that you want to use, cut out the shapes on paper, and tape them to the wall to figure out the design you want. Though it’s not a particularly fun part of the process, it will save you lots of frustration and nail holes in the long run.

Sleek gallery (1)

(Image Source: Studio-McGee)


You don’t need a frame to put something on the wall. Be creative with non-frame-able pieces on your wall.


(Image Source: Harpers Bazaar)


Have a favorite text or clever phrase? Frame it and hang it! Or paint it on a canvas!


(Image Source: Rikki Snyder)


Mirrors are a dynamic decor piece that can be used to open and brighten a room. A mirror is very adaptable – put a fancy frame on it for more elegant decor or a rustic frame for a more casual look. Hang it near your front door so that it’s functional (that last quick check before going out into the world) as well as decorative.


(Image Source: Centsational Girl)


Your wall decor can be beautiful and functional! Hang attractive shelves, baskets, or organizers on the wall to achieve this great balance of pretty and useful.

Command Center 3

(Image Source: Pottery Barn)


Let your decor (literally) pop off the walls. 3-dimensional wall decor adds depth and interest to otherwise flat walls.

Shelf 1 (2)

(Image Source: Sobre Mesa Stories)

3-D decor (1)

(Image Source: Shelterness)


Too much personalization in decor can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming to guests. But, the right amount makes a house feel like a home.

Note: If you are planning to sell your home or currently have it on the market, it’s important that you remove as many personal touches as possible. This will turn your home back into a house (aka a product to be sold).


(Image Source: Nalle’s House)


We’re not the biggest fans of extensive use of vinyl lettering as it can sometimes look a bit cheap. But if you choose carefully, it can add a lot of life to a wall without too much effort on your part.

Vinyl 2

(Image Source: Etsy)


If you have an aspiring young artist, you are probably overrun with original artwork… So what do you do with all of it?

Child's art

(Image Source: Houzz)

Decorate child's room

(Image Source: The Caterpillar Years)


Have fun with your laundry room decor – the cuter your laundry room is the more inspired you’ll be for the chore, right…?

Laundry (2)

(Image Source: Lilluna)


Wall space in bathrooms is often fairly limited. But every bathroom has a mirror and some kind of lighting fixture – use those as your wall decor. Pick a pretty frame for your mirror with a stylish lighting fixture to match.

Bathroom (3)

(Image Source: Bless’er House)


Yes, it is coming back into style. And, when used correctly can be a striking and beautiful design piece, adding texture and color to your walls. If you want to use a bold pattern or color, try using it just for an accent wall instead of papering your whole room.

Wallpaper 2

(Image Source: Decozilla and Birch & Lilly)


(Image Source: House of Turquoise)


Geometric patterns on a wall are eye-catching yet simple enough to not distract from the rest of the room.


(Image Source: Making Home Base)


The space over your bed often ends up being the focal point of your bedroom. We love bedrooms that are light, airy, and refreshing (just the kind of place that’s comforting to unwind in at the end of the day). So, match the decor over your bed to this theme.

Note: make sure that anything you hang over your bed is high enough so that you won’t bump it if you’re sitting up in bed.


(Image Source: The Tomkat Studio)

Headboard 1 (1)

(Image Source: Apartment Therapy)


There are lots of general design tips for making low ceilings seem higher (paint the walls the same color as the ceiling, use recessed lighting, hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible, etc.). But as far as wall decor goes, one easy trick is to use vertical lines. If you’re hanging frames, hang them in a vertical pattern to draw the eye upward.

Low 1

(Image Source: Popsugar)

Have more tips for great looking wall decor? Share them in the comments!

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