Bridgewater Mini Golf & Summer Activities Coming Soon!

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Bridgewater, Virginia, has worked hard over the past few years to provide a variety of fun activities for folks of all ages — both for residents and visitors alike. The Town of Bridgewater recently published their fiscal year budget for 2017, announcing a new mini golf course and exciting summer events to start up very soon! If you are searching for more fun things to do in our beautiful pocket of the Valley, become a fan of Bridgewater. There’s no shortage of excitement!

Mini Golf at Sandy Bottom, on the banks of the North River

A brand new 18-hole mini golf course is slated to open on July 4th of this summer, and will be open from noon to 10:00 PM, seven days a week. The course has been professionally designed, and will include lovely landscaping and water features.

The cost to play is free for Bridgewater residents who show their B-Rec Passes. All others will be charged $4-$5, depending on the day and time. The Sandy Bottom 9-hole par 3 course will be free to all until July 4th. After that date, the par 3 course will be priced exactly like the mini golf course — free for residents with a B-Rec Pass, and $4-$5 for all others.

Want the course to be named after you? The first player to score a perfect 18 on the mini golf course will earn that right!

As an interesting piece of additional information on this mini golf course, our team’s Senior Consultant, Phil Updike, was the listing and selling agent for the Estate of Virginia Speas — the property on which the mini-golf project is being built. Here’s a note about this property from Phil:

Given the fact that the property was just across the road from the Sandy Bottom Golf Course, I took the property information to Bob Holton at the town of Bridgewater as my first stop. I am very pleased that the town chose to pursue the purchase of the land. By the way, the old brownstone building was orginally a power plant for the town of Bridgwater. A canal (chase) had been built to channel water from North River to run the turbine(s) in the power plant. In recent years it had been used as an auto repair shop and auto body shop by Mr. Speas.

Summer Activities at the Bridgewater Farmers Market

The Bridgewater Farmers Market opened up last summer with offerings like fresh honey, locally grown produce, espresso and baked goods, and crafts. Live music often played while shoppers perused the goods, too. Now that winter is over and the ice rink has been removed for the season (don’t worry, it will be back starting Thanksgiving Day!), the market is ready to open up again on April 30th.

Just like last year, it will be open on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings, but besides providing the previously mentioned offerings, the market will host special activities for children and adults alike! Try your hand at building birdhouses, repotting plants, container gardening, and more. All of these activities are sponsored by Randy’s Do-It-Best hardware in Bridgewater.

Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy concerts and Friday night movie nights throughout the summer under the market pavilion.

Remember to Grab a Drink or a Bite to Eat

After (or before!) you’ve enjoyed the festivities at the market, remember to stop in to Jalapeño Southwest Grill, connected to the pavilion. They serve up happy hour specials, delicious southwest fare, sandwiches, appetizers, and even kids meals. Sit at the bar, grab a booth, or take a high top table.

*image source: Town of Bridgewater

What would make Bridgewater even more fun? Add your ideas in the comments!

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