Archives: July 2016

How To Plan and Budget for a Remodeling Project [Printable Worksheet]

REMODELING. That word probably conjures up one of three reactions in you: 1. excitement, 2. dread, or 3. excitement followed by dread. Planning ahead, tracking the progress, and budgeting for your remodel will help you get through it smoothly. Download our free planning worksheet + a pre-project checklist to get you started!

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Harrisonburg Real Estate Market Report [INFOGRAPHIC]: June 2016

June 2016 was a "sweet spot" in our local real estate market. There are literally no negatives to report for this month's Harrisonburg Real Estate Market. The market is trending positively this year, and we expect to see more growth as the year progresses! Take a look at our infographic for all the stats as we wrap up the first half of the year.

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