How To Plan and Budget for a Remodeling Project [Printable Worksheet]

How to plan and budget for a remodel [printable worksheet]

REMODELING. That word probably conjures up one of three reactions in you: 1. excitement, 2. dread, or 3. excitement followed by dread.

Tackling a remodeling project in your home is a large undertaking. It can cause excitement in many folks because of the opportunity to transform the house into more of what you love and need — and planning a new space can be a lot of fun (I personally enjoy choosing new colors, fixtures, and decor), but it can also invoke a sense of dread because of all the work and money that goes into it… not to mention time and being displaced from the space for a bit.

Remember when I wrote about surviving my kitchen remodel while still living in it?

Well, we finished it a couple months ago (finally!), and I’m thrilled with the results. It was completely worth every displaced moment, every drop of sweat, every tear, and every dollar.

Here are a few photos of the new kitchen! (Isn’t it pretty?)

We finished the remodel successfully (and happily) because we planned it out, and set a budget.

You can, too! There are a few pre-project tasks to tackle first, and we’ve created a one-page checklist for you to use before you start your remodeling project. Organization is key, after all. Once you’ve finished with the pre-project to-do’s, download this Remodeling Planner + Budget Worksheet so you can write down your goals, get inspired, and plan the project from start to finish.

How To Plan and Budget for a Remodeling Project [Printable Worksheet]

Before Starting Your Remodeling Project

Download Pre-Project Checklist

Ready to Get Started on your Remodel?

Download the Remodeling Planner + Budget Worksheet

Finally, once you finish your remodeling project (*high fives*), be sure to add it to your Home Updates tracking sheet so you can prove the increase in your home’s value! And of course, you can find even more helpful checklists, worksheets, and schedules in our Library.

Have you remodeled recently? Do you have any tips to share about planning for it and/or living through it? Share in the comments!

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