Kline May Realty Welcomes Peyton Miller to The Harrisonburg Homes Team

We’re excited to introduce you to our team’s newest agent, Peyton Miller! She is a Richmond, Virginia, native who has been in the Harrisonburg area for quite some time, and truly loves this wonderful community. Peyton is a Realtor with The Harrisonburg Homes Team, so she helps guide and advise both buyers and sellers through their real estate endeavors. Get to know her heart for collaboration, community, and fun!

Peyton Miller, Realtor | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty

Originally from Richmond, Peyton relocated to Harrisonburg in 2001 when she got married. She has lived in the Town of Bridgewater since 2006 and has a passion for promoting community involvement and collaboration within her town. After receiving her Masters in Education from James Madison University in 2009 and teaching Literature at Redeemer Classical School, Peyton decided to jump into the world of real estate. Having fallen in love with her home and community, Peyton looks forward to helping others find the same thing — while walking alongside individuals and families as they make the significant decision to purchase or sell a home. When she is not working, Peyton enjoys reading, backpacking, and watching soccer.

How long have you lived in the Harrisonburg area?
I am a fourth generation, Richmond native who fell in love with the Valley during college. When I married my husband, Drew, in 2001, we moved into a little apartment in Dayton. After a year of renting, we purchased a 2 bedroom, saltbox style home outside of Mt. Sidney, VA. We wanted a secluded, charming, fixer upper with which to practice and learn about home ownership. Within a few years, we outgrew that house and moved into our current home in Bridgewater. While I enjoy visiting family and friends in bigger cities like Richmond and D.C., I feel a sense of peace and comfort when I pull into my neighborhood. I love coming home.

What did you do before real estate?
For many years I had the challenging privilege of staying home to raise three sons. Most recently I was a teacher at Redeemer Classical School. As a Literature teacher, I enjoyed helping students discover a passion for language through reading and writing. I found great joy in helping students build the foundations for their adult lives.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in real estate?
The easiest answer to this question is that real estate checks off most of the boxes for my gifts, abilities, and interests. I love puzzles and excel in problem solving and looking at situations from every possible angle. I am efficient, task oriented, and timely. On the flip side, I am very creative and like work that varies from day to day. People have always been my number one focus. I like getting my hands dirty and diving into real life situations. No matter how messy or overwhelming a situation might be, I work with someone until we find a solution that brings hope and joy. I want others to have the same sense of “coming home” that I have every day.

Favorite outdoor dining?
My house is my favorite place to eat outside. We have a large flat yard; and in the summer, we sometimes have pick up soccer games in the evening. People bring what they have in their fridge, and we throw stuff on the grill. Then we sit around and watch the kids catch fireflies. There is little prep or clean up; and the combination of competition, summer night ambiance, and time with friends is just about perfect.

Join us in welcoming Peyton Miller to our team!

Contact her by email, stop by our office to chat in person, or give her a call at 540-828-3224!

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