Kline May Realty Welcomes Andrea Dorman to The Harrisonburg Homes Team

We’re excited to introduce you to another new agent on our team, Andrea Dorman! Originally from sunny Miami, Florida, Andrea has been in the Harrisonburg area since the summer of 2004, and living in the Elkton community. Get to know more about Andrea and why she decided to pursue a career in real estate!

Andrea Dorman, REALTOR | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty

Born and raised in sunny Miami, FL, Andrea first arrived in the Valley in the summer of 2003 when her brother, Dan Velker, wooed her here with a job opportunity and a claim that it was “God’s Country.” After surviving an unpaid internship in NYC for nine months, she officially became a Virginia resident in the summer of 2004 and married an Elkton native 2 years later. Andrea and her husband, Travis spent 5 years in Richmond before buying a house on the same road as her brother in God’s Country…or Elkton. After having 3 kids in less than 3 years, she decided to reinvent her career and pursue real estate. Working for 8 years as a paralegal taught her the importance of organization and administration, and growing up the youngest of 5 kids taught her plenty about negotiating. Having known Chris Rooker for over 20 years, Andrea knew exactly whose team she wanted to be a part of. Her flexibility, and agility when it comes to serving her clients, has proven to be her key asset so far. A commitment to impeccable service is her main priority. When Andrea isn’t finding dream homes, she’s usually in her fenced backyard enjoying her 3 wild little kids.

How long have you lived in the Harrisonburg area?
I first came to the Valley in summer of 2003, right after I graduated from college. After that summer I moved to NYC for almost a year, but really started missing grass and trees, so I moved back to VA. My husband, Travis, and I moved to Richmond after we got married but decided to come home to Elkton for good right before our daughter was born in 2012.


Why did you decide to pursue a career in real estate?
I’ve always LOVED houses, especially old farmhouses. I spent my childhood summers at my maternal grandparents’ classic farmhouse in rural central Michigan and at my paternal grandparents mid-century modern split-level in Ann Arbor. I also grew up in Miami – the Land of stucco and Spanish tile. After I had kids, I knew that I wanted a job with a little more flexibility than the 9-5 I had worked for almost 8 years as a paralegal, and lucky for me one of my brother’s oldest friends was none other than Chris Rooker. It seemed like a natural fit.


What is your role on the team?
I’m the “Newbie”! I am the person who passed their licensing exam most recently so naturally that also makes me the person who asks the most questions and attends the most training seminars. I also like to poke fun at my teammates as often as possible.


What do you love about your job?
I love houses, I really do. I spend hours, after my children are asleep, just perusing properties on the MLS. I visited more open houses, before I became a Realtor, than I’d like to admit. And the truth is, I enjoy meeting new people and having a good laugh. The history of a location and a house also excites me. My own personal home was built in 1902 by a prominent Elkton family and it has little touches throughout that make me smile and remind me that a lot of life was lived between the walls.


Best place in Harrisonburg for a cup of coffee?
I’m going to say Blue Elk Coffee in ELKTON! All of their beans are roasted locally and it’s a shining spot in the middle of my little town. Love it! It’s a great stopping point if you’re heading up and back from Shenandoah National Park.


Favorite outdoor dining?
The garden at Joshua Wilton House is untouchable in food and service but for something more casual I love love love Jack Brown’s Single Wide near Massanutten. The patio is great for my 3 wild little kids to run around.

Join us in welcoming Andrea Dorman to our team!

Contact her by email, stop by our office to chat in person, or give her a call at 540-908-0549!

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