Summer Home Maintenance Guide: Upkeep Without a Sweat

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You’re sitting cool and calm in the air conditioning, perhaps enjoying a nice cold glass of lemonade or sweet tea on ice. You decide to head outside and soak in some sunshine, but as soon as you open the door, a wall of heat knocks you off your feet. It’s hot outside, and your home is working overtime, so we suggest taking care of a few things that will give your house a little respite. Bonus: there are only a couple of things to do outdoors, so you can accomplish these Summer Home Maintenance tasks without too much of a sweat!

Here’s Your Summer Home Maintenance Guide: What To Do in July, August, and September to Care For Your Home

every month

  • Vacuum + dust HVAC
  • Put ice (to sharpen), baking soda and citrus fruit rinds (to freshen) through garbage disposal


  • De-clutter garage
  • Clean artificial plants
  • Check for leaks on supply lines to sinks and toilets
  • Check and clean range hood fan
  • Change air filters
  • Clean dishwasher drain bin


  • Clean carpets
  • Tighten and lube door hinges
  • Test and reset all ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles; check all extension cords
  • Remove water heater residue (follow manual)
  • Lubricate garage door springs


  • Shut off, clean, and cover A/C unit
  • Rake leaves and dispose of mulch
  • Check batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check and clean range hood fan
  • Check windows, re-caulk any cracks
  • Have the heating system serviced
  • Clean dishwasher drain bin
  • Wipe down and store patio furniture (or cover with weatherproof material)

Long Term Benefits

We completely understand that home maintenance is hardly anyone’s favorite thing to do, but performing these tasks can truly extend the life of your home, adding value long term. Take it one task at a time. Rent a carpet cleaner and tackle that one Saturday afternoon, then take a break. In a few days, tighten and lube your door hinges, then take another break. Before you know it, your home maintenance list will be all checked off!

BONUS: checking for leaks every other month could help you save money on your water bill, while checking vents and fans can save thousands on electricity.

Want a list of home maintenance tasks for the whole year? Download our free printable Annual Maintenance Schedule!

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