Brewing Community—Broad Porch Coffee Co.

Have you heard the news?! Broad Porch Coffee Co has opened a new storefront location on Court Square!

Broad Porch is already a beloved community staple, with current locations in the S Main St Agora Downtown Market and on W Main Street Luray café in Luray. And now Broad Porch is welcoming us to their new storefront location in the heart of downtown – Court Square!

This café is a place you want to be! Chic, modern and completely renovated with lots of space and a variety of indoor and outdoor seating that immediately draws you in. Getting your Broad Porch caffeine fix has gotten even more exciting ~ especially with the addition of the full kitchen and menu. That’s right, you can now head into Broad Porch for snacks, full meals and after work drinks too! Talk about “running on small victories”! (IYKYK)

Photo Credit: Amelia Schmid

Owner, Jill McMullan, was kind enough to talk with us a little about the expansion and new location. Read on to check it out!

Photo Credit: Amelia Schmid

Q: Broad Porch is beloved by this community and it’s so exciting that you’ve just opened your third location! How did Broad Porch Coffee Co. come to be?

Jill: The story of broad porch is a long story short, Phil Duntemann and I wanted to do our own thing within the hospitality and restaurant industry and so we decided to team up and do it together!

Q: You have completely transformed your new building on Court Square for the custom feel of Broad Porch Coffee Co.! What was your favorite part of the renovation process?

Jill: It was exciting and a fun challenge to be able to figure out what aspects of the original character of the building could both preserve and showcase.

Photo Credit: Amelia Schmid

Q: What is your favorite thing about this new space?

Jill: Seeing all of the design ideas come together cohesively in the space had to have been the biggest highlight. How it came together couldn't have been more perfect.

Photo Credit: Amelia Schmid

Q: Another feature of this new location is that you have a full kitchen and menu! Which menu item/s are you most excited about?

Jill: We have been having a lot of fun focusing on the evening menu. Things like the Coconut ceviche and beet carpaccio allows us to give people healthier options with fun flavor twists with a unique night cap.

Photo Credit: Amelia Schmid

Q: What are the plans for your space in the Agora Downtown Market?

Jill: Currently we plan to stay throughout the remainder of our lease and we will see what the future holds.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add?

Jill: The most validating thing about designing a space and working hard on the creativity of the menu is seeing people come in and enjoy it. We are over the moon to be here and cannot wait to see what the future has in store!

Photo Credit: Amelia Schmid

Best of all—Broad Porch is open daily!

Monday-Wednesday 7a-5p | Thursday-Friday 7a-10p | Saturday 8a-10p | Sunday 8a-5p

If you haven't yetbe sure to stop by and check out this amazing new location and keep up with all things broad porch online >>>

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