Harrisonburg’s Newest Retail Hub Will House a Third Walmart


Harrisonburg's Third Walmart Coming to Stone Port

If you’ve driven on the newly finished Southeast Connector (aka Stone Spring Road) in Harrisonburg lately, you’ve likely noticed a lot of construction and earth-moving happening near where the connector runs into Port Republic Road. This 105-acre¬†piece of land has been dubbed “Stone Port,” and plans are already in the works for several spaces to be developed and occupied soon.

Stone Port has developed a layout, which will be constructed in phases, that includes destination retail, medical and professional offices, and high density residential units, with a grocery hub at one end. Well, the most recent news is that the grocery hub will become Harrisonburg’s third Walmart. This particular Walmart will offer gas pumps, fresh produce, and a drive-thru pharmacy.

Here is a glance at what else is in the works at Stone Port:

Reserve at Stone Port: luxury apartments currently under construction
Bojangles: already in business (and it is booming)
Plus, an assisted living facility, a restaurant, and a financial institution

We’re curious… if you could choose what went in at Stone Port, what would it be?

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58 thoughts on “Harrisonburg’s Newest Retail Hub Will House a Third Walmart

  1. Angela

    I would like to have a Trader Joe’s, Dave & Busters, Caribou Coffee, and a World Market in Hburg.

  2. Mike Landis

    For all of you complaining about the new Walmart. This will be in Rockingham County, not the City of Harrisonburg. Get the facts straight before you complain about the City of Harrisonburg.

  3. Amanda

    An Olive Garden, Fresh Market, Jason’s Deli, A.C. Moore, and JoAnn’s would be nice to have in our area.

  4. ralph

    The problem is demographics. We need average income of above 40K to attract Wegeman’s, or other quality retailers. Unfortunately, we are below 30K on average, so we’ll ahev to live with cheap retailers who succeed in exploiting workers.

    1. Steve

      Within a five minute drive are the developments of Lake Point, Hyland Park, Magnolia Ridge, etc cetera; I believe a Trader Joe’s and other mentioned companies would see plenty of repeat customers.

      By the way we have a good local “Trader Joe” type store, it’s the Co-op in downtown, more and steady patronage will grow that store.

      You want to build a city spend your money at locally owned places. Getting in another corporate owned store doesn’t build us, it sends money back to corporate headquarters to help build a Walmart in someone else’s town.

      By the way Olive Garden food is terrible, I would much rather see a good locally owned restaurant (looking at you Cuban Burger)

  5. Jeremy

    Sorry, not a fan of Walmart or Bojangles so I guess I won’t be shopping or eating at Stone Port. I’ll wait for the new grocery store at Preston Lake to go in and shop there (unless its a Walmart too).

  6. Buddy

    The neighborhood market is definitely NOT a realWalmart —it basically only sells groceries – so if that part of town needs a grocery store – then nothing is wrong with a neighborhood market —I don’t want to see another Walmart, and that is NOT the plan – do your research and you will see this is not the store you think it is.

  7. C

    Good grief! How do you even use the word luxury for apartments that will be next to what is essentially a Walmart! Just shows you how backwards this place can be.

    Should have just put the thing on the JMU campus! That would have been better!

  8. Alice

    Would like to see a 2nd Red Front. I do like the idea of the drive thru pharmacy since my prescriptions are at Wal Mart and this will be so close for me. P F Changs would be great.

  9. Char

    NO, NO, NO to Walmart. I thought this newly developed area was supposed to be classy, but Walmart certainly ruins that idea. Trader Joe’s, Wegman, Whole Foods, or anything but Walmart!!!!

  10. Sakura

    We need another Walmart. The one off 33 is just awful, always crowded and never enough lanes open, amongst other issues. I personally would love to see a Hobby Lobby or A.C. Moore. We could use another craft store in the ‘Burg.

  11. Diana Henderson

    I don’t shop there ‘Merica does, but I didn’t do enough to stop this antithesis to capitalism. So WE helped to make the Walton’s $86 billionaires and create more cheap crap that we don’t need and breaks after three uses. I wonder how much money or hard they had to work put ANOTHER scourge of a store in and how long it will take to kill small businesses, innovation, and our sense of community?

  12. James

    I believe the Harrisonburg city council and planning commission have no idea what makes for a sense of well-being and beauty. It appears that whatever it takes to grow is good enough. Meanwhile people desire quality and substance. My Midwest aunts would have to call Harrisonburg’s growth pattern “topsie” — their way of saying it’s crazy and weedy.

  13. ks

    This isn’t a regular Walmart, it’s more like a family dollar store with more groceries and gas pumps. I don’t see the problem, how many restaurants do you need in harrisonburg for god sakes.

  14. Res

    We do not need to support them. Use other stores. If you like those other stores, is their a way to “vote” rhem into the area instead of walmart. Personally, we live in PR and here walmart is NEVER a good deal. The local storrs have much better deals. Do you know who walmart is owned by? What big out of country owner is getting rich off america? I dont know do not care for there

  15. Kris

    They’ll only keep adding Walmarts if citizens keep shopping at Walmart. Stop shopping there, buy local, and they’ll stop growing. They’re going where the demand is. I hate that they’re putting a third one in. Defeats everything downtown Harrisonburg and Staunton are struggling to do to go local. Every time I walk into a Walmart even though its just a few times a year, I feel a little peace of my soul die.

  16. Lelia

    For the love of Pete, can we get a Dave & Buster’s already?! Also, Carrabbas beats Olive Garden, hands down.
    It’d be awesome to have an AC Moore, as well.

  17. the voice

    Why another walmart. I live on this side of town and it takes me about 10-15 minutes to get to walmart already. It would be nice to have asos, top man, whole foods, fridays, dave n busters, red robin, macys,a gym, even olive garden. We dont need another walmart.

  18. your mom

    Olive Garden is the Walmart of italian food, and as I understand it, they have specific demographic requirements for siting, and we don’t meet them. For better or worse, we are a majority of value shoppers with unsophisticated taste, and thats why we are getting a Walmart instead of a TJs. Harris Teeter doesnt open in the same market areas as Kroger. …but, Blacksburg banned retail spaces that are over a certain sq. footage. I guess its a pipe dream to think RoCo would ever even consider such a thing. Its in the county, isn’t it?

  19. Stalyn

    I thought we were a developing city but I guess I was wrong to believe that as it looks like we are a dead end city that can’t attract any new businesses except for the offal eyesore of a walmart. A food lion would have been better.

  20. Stacey M

    Oh no, not another Wal Mart. Not a fan and we definitely don’t need a 3rd one in the Burg!!! I’ve heard that its a new “kind” of store. I think they are calling it a Neighborhood Market. Its still a Wal Mart in the end. Would love, love, love an Olive Garden and a Famous Dave’s would be amazing!!! Cabelas or Bass Pro Sports would be nice too.

  21. shawn

    Woohoo yay . sick of going to the over crowded Walmart off 33. This is absolutely needed. Any ignorant person saying they wish it was something else doesn’t look at how much vacant properties are available. Want an olive garden? Put it in shonys. Bottom line is studies showed they will profit and the land was available. And the jobs are needed. Time to move on people.

  22. f.y.i

    The thing is that the leaders of harrisonburg have put in the work to make this “fine” city a Lot bigger. Have you noticed riding down 33 west there are little white sighns on trees? They show that harrisonburg owns those wood, in fact all the way to switser damn ( thats ten miles). In fact the own ten mile north and west. The county still has rights but does not own it. They also own amost to 602. You think a wallmarts the problem in 10 to 15 years harrisonburg will be as big if not bigger then Charlottesville or manassas.

    Thank you for reading

  23. Ryan

    The reason there has been no Olive Garden was because of the Red Lobster in harrisonburg. Up until recently the same food group controlled both of those chains. Red Lobster has never been a big time money maker in Harrisonburg, therefore the need for an Olive Garden was seen as unnecessary and more of a risk than a reward.

  24. Dyanna

    A Dave’s would be really good. NO Walmart. How many does Harrisonburg need?

  25. Luis

    We need a Gravity Zero(Trampoline building) Place for everyone to have fun!!! And to bring in more visitor!!

  26. amanda witmer

    Another nursing home would be awesome.. not another wal-mart.. mayb an Olive garden or tgi friday or a 24/7 daycare for working parents

  27. Dennis Cubbage

    I agree a third Walmart doesn’t make alot of sense to me..however, there are people who do studies on this sort of thing, and I’m sure they feel it would do well..yes, Olive Garden would be great, however, Darden(co.that owns OG, among others) is in somewhat of a bind right now, so they’re not expanding much…I would rather see a Winn Dixie then Walmart…or yes Whole Foods would be good also

  28. J.

    Who decided this? Bad idea. I have not heard anyone say they wish there was another Walmart in Harrisonburg.

    I like the Olive Garden or Trader Joe’s idea.

    Walmart needs to focus on fixing it’s terrible customer service at the Burgess Rd location before they open another store.

  29. Alisha Moyer

    A restaurant that’s not near by. Like Olive Garden, Red Robin, Sonic, things we don’t have here already.

  30. Josh

    Olive garden tgi fridays sonic red robin bass pro gander mtn possibly for sure not a walmart

  31. Kara

    I agree with the other comments. Please do NOT allow another walmart. Make this town better by having Trader Joe’s, or Wegmans, Whole Foods…anything but Walmart. Ugh.

  32. Lynne

    Whole Foods, Sonic, Marshall’s, Joann’s, Olive Garden, Walgreen’s … or a billion others without the Walmart!

  33. Casey

    I have no idea why in the world we need another walmart in harrisonburg?? Now an Olive Garden would be AMAZING!!! We need more places to eat on that side of town and harrisonburg has been in need of an Olive Garden for a long time.

  34. joey

    It would be great to have a basspro or a big outdoor shop for camping atv fishing amd hunting

  35. Teresa

    An ACMoore Or Joann’s or Hancock Fabrics would be wonderful!!! A Logan’s

  36. Bill white

    This area has 4 super Walmarts within 30 miles of each other! Why do we need a 3rd in Harrisonburg? Please explain? This isn’t Richmond or Roanoke folks…….

  37. John doe

    i would LOVE a Friday’s or red robin. We need more restaurants on this side of town. There are so many college kids and nowhere to eat over here.

  38. Susan

    You have got to be kidding me. There is already a Walmart serving that area with a store less than 10 miles away. Way to go Harrisonburg, get that money$$$$$$

  39. Karen Gerard

    We DO NOT need another Wal-Mart. Anything but that!! Trader Joe’s, Harris Teeter, Wegman’s. Olive Garden would be good. Red Robin would be nice too.

  40. Diane

    Debra is spot-on, a Trader Joes would be so appropriate! And how long do we have to wait for an Olive Garden!! Red Robin would be a nice restaurant addition to the ‘burg as well. Anything but another Walmart! Oh well, still appreciating BoJangles!

  41. Debra Leap

    NOT a Walmart. So, so sorry they are the ones. Trader Joes would have been awesome. Olive Garden would be great. Non SRMH doctors, but that is probably the wildest dream ever. Just a few thoughts. Not a fan of the big box stuff–including hospitals.

    1. Charlene Crawford

      Debra, I agree with you on the Olive Garden…but as far as another Wal Mart, I live only 5 minutes away from that new Storeand I’m looking forward to shopping there instead of the Supercenter…the parking there is horrible, and the Wal Mart on 42 is the farthest away from me. Just my input.

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