14 Best Places in Harrisonburg to Host a Child’s Birthday Party

Best Places to Host a Child's Birthday Party in Harrisonburg

Kids of all ages enjoy living in the Harrisonburg area. Who wouldn’t? There are so many exciting happenings in this blissful Valley we call home, with new fun events and places popping up every year geared just toward the younger generation. And, you know, every kid has a birthday. Sometimes the celebration can fit in your home, but sometimes having a party somewhere else is desired.

Benefits of throwing a child’s birthday party outside the home

  • Other places offer fun that your home can’t (ball pits and climbing walls, anyone?)
  • Less mess, and less risk of things breaking, in your home
  • Oftentimes, someone else (even a professional!) will handle the set up and clean up
  • Definite starting and ending times in place, for the parent who likes to keep on a schedule
  • Depending on the location, an obvious theme can be used (skates, swimming, etc.)

The 14 Best Places in Harrisonburg to Host a Child’s Birthday Party

Birthday Parties for the Creative Kid in Harrisonburg

  • You Made It! Pottery Studio. For the creative kid, this downtown studio offers painting fun with great themes (princess, tea, etc.), and kids can even create their own pottery to paint! Not into pottery? They also offer fused glass or canvas painting parties.
  • Court Square Theater. Rent out the local downtown theater!
  • Explore More Discovery Museum. The local children’s museum is always a hit, especially when it comes to celebrating a birthday. Reserve their private party room and they’ll take care of set up and clean up. They also offer handling every detail, or just a few, depending on your preferences.


Birthday Parties for the Active Kid in Harrisonburg

  • Funky’s Skate Center. Set up the private party area at the local roller skating rink with balloons and decorations, plus the kids can play games and request songs from the DJ. Skate rentals are included, along with paper products and soda. For the “deluxe” package, you can reserve the entire skating rink all to yourself, and have the option to bring your own music.
  • Generations Park Ice Skating Rink. This brand new, super-fun adventure is located in Bridgewater, and offers ice skating every evening throughout the winter months. Children can have birthday parties on Saturday mornings during specified hours. For more information, call 540-237-4210.
  • Pump It Up. This is a favorite fun spot for most kids in Harrisonburg because there are large inflatable slides and obstacle courses, ball pits, and more. Parties here are full of energy and hosted by the friendly staff. All birthday parties are 100% private — both the play time and the party room time — and there are several pricing packages to choose from, depending on the number of kids in attendance, whether its on a weekend or weekday, and how involved you’d like it to be.
  • RMH Wellness Center. One of the most popular fitness centers in Harrisonburg has a private room available for parties on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. They decorate and set up the room, provide a host/hostess, guided activity, and drinks. You choose from a list of themes, and they’ll take it from there!
  • Kinetic Kids. If your kids enjoy jumping around and being active, this is a great place for a birthday party. Everything is indoors — trampoline, rock wall, obstacle course, zip line, springboard, hanging bar, and much more. For parties, have gym time and then head to the party room for cake and presents.
  • Bryan Mayes Karate. An exciting (and stress-free-for-parents) martial arts birthday party can be had at any of three locations in the area. The birthday kid gets to cut the cake with a samurai sword!
  • Local Parks. There are a wide variety of amazing parks in Harrisonburg/Rockingham. Many of them include shelters that you can reserve, and of course, playgrounds for the kids to enjoy!


Birthday Parties for the Water-Lover in Harrisonburg

  • Local Swimming Pools. Several swimming pools are located in the area, and many offer great birthday party fun. Choose your favorite!
  • Massanutten Water Park. Water slides and cake? Yes, please! Besides aquatics, there are arcade games and a party room. There are several packages to choose from.

Where is your favorite place to host a child's birthday party in Harrisonburg? Comment below!

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  1. Nicole R.

    Last year we rented out a park shelter and worked with Studio B Music for Living (out of Penn Laird) to come teach a music class to the kids at the party. It was fabulous! (Birthday was in October.)

  2. Kathleen Mania-Casey

    Hey Lisa,
    We have hosted a few birthday parties, fundraisers and meetings at Grilled Cheese Mania so please keep us in mind. Send Emily my love:)

    the grilled cheese lady:)

    1. Lisa Oates Post author

      Great! Thanks, Kathleen. I bet kids really enjoy birthday parties with grilled cheese to eat! And I’ll definitely send Emily your love. ­čÖé

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