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Lisa is the creative mind behind The Harrisonburg Homes Team, providing streamlined content management, quality authorship, and graphic design for Harrisonblog. She's passionate about blogging, enjoying life, and a good cup of coffee.

How To Choose a Color Palette For Your Whole Home

Color can have a major impact on how we feel, our creative juices, and productivity. Does your home's current color palette portray your personality and give you a mood boost? Does it emote the feeling you want for you and your guests? It can be overwhelming to think about choosing a whole house color palette, especially if color-picking isn't your strong suit, but fear not, we'll take you step-by-step through the process of determining one that perfectly suits you and your family.

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Harrisonburg Real Estate Market Report [INFOGRAPHIC]: November 2016

The Harrisonburg/Rockingham real estate market is closing out the year in a big way. Honestly, we had to double-check our numbers because, what?! We don't typically see this big of a jump on the long-term stats, but behold, November 2016 held a major boost in sales, and even more so in contracts! {{ cue the jingle bells }}

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Best Coffee Shops in Harrisonburg

Our team consists of both avid coffee drinkers and occasional sippers, coffee snobs and K-cup connoisseurs. We often meet up with clients -- and each other! -- at these local and regional coffee shops in Harrisonburg where this delectable brew plays a major role on the menu, so we're confident in saying they are the best.

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Free (and Cheap) Activities for Kids in Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg loves kids, and kids love Harrisonburg! There are so many fun things to do, but when you want to have fun without topping it with a hefty price tag, what do you do? Many families in our area have multiple children, and/or enjoy spending time with their buddies doing fun activities around the 'Burg. Next time you've got a bundle of kids and some time to spare, these free activities for kids in Harrisonburg will not disappoint.

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Harrisonburg Real Estate Market Report [INFOGRAPHIC]: October 2016

In the real estate business, the fourth quarter of the year typically slows down significantly due to the holidays approaching and folks settling in for the duration of the calendar year. Our local real estate market saw this happen with new listings, but sales and contracts continue to rise. Take a look at the October 2016 Market Report Infographic for details!

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