Every Homeowner Should Schedule Regular Termite Inspections

Termites. That word sends chills down my spine. When I hear “termites” I visualize the termites chewing up my home in a matter of seconds — sort of like on cartoons. They don’t eat through homes that fast, but they can cause some serious damage. So to keep your home safe from termites, you should schedule annual termite inspections.

What does a termite look like? The “swarmers” look like black ants without a waist. They have wings, and they fly. Each swarmer, when hatched, will fly to a different location and try to create another nest. The “workers” are white, and they are the ones that eat the wood, and make mud tunnels/tubes. They cause the most damage. In a word… disgusting!

What do you do when you find termites? Call one of our local pest control specialists. They will visit your house and give you an estimate for treatment. Most won’t charge for the initial visit, either. Once your home is treated, you should schedule annual inspections.

When you first purchase a home, the Seller will do a termite inspection before the closing occurs. If this inspection would come back to show that termites are currently active in the home, the Buyers and Sellers would make an agreement to have it taken care of by either party. This will give you peace of mind in buying your home termite free!

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