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Get The Most Value From Your Home Improvements

Sellers — or homeowners looking to receive top dollar when you’re ready to sell — is your home improvement to-do list overwhelming? Now you can prioritize your to-do list! HomeGain has a helpful calculator on their web site to assist you in determining which home improvement projects to work on...

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We Just Upped Our Level of Service to Sellers

Our team is proud to announce that we are now Trulia Pro members, which means that we can do a lot more for our listings on Trulia. We’ve been blogging and making our presence known on Trulia for some time now, but we have just stepped up our marketing efforts...

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Is There a Positive Outlook for This Negative Economy?

Let’s just state the obvious: the economy is in (or close to) a depression. So, how can we stay positive — especially about the real estate market — in this negative economic climate? It seems too unstable to be really confident in buying or selling, but things aren’t always what...

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