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We’ve put together these helpful resources to assist you in living life well. Check back often for updates to this list of free printables, checklists, plans, worksheets, and more! Our goal is for these items to provide you with information and guidance on getting necessary tasks done efficiently and effectively in order to enjoy life a little more.

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Packing and Moving Checklist [printable] | The Harrisonburg Homes Team

Packing & Moving Checklist

Moving soon? This two-month timeline will guide you smoothly through the process, without leaving anything amiss. Featured in: How To Pack Up & Move Out of Your Home.

Address Change Checklist

You’ve moved, now it’s time to change everything over to your new address. We’ve created a helpful checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Cleaning Schedule

Get your house in ship-shape, guest-friendly condition with this cleaning schedule so your loved ones will feel welcomed and appreciated when they stay in your home… whether it’s for a meal or an extended stay. Featured in: Make Your Home Sparkle Using This Simple Cleaning Schedule.

Printable Cleaning Schedule
Printable Annual Home Maintenance Schedule | Harrisonblog

Annual Maintenance Schedule

Give your home a long life — and save money by keeping it well cared for — using this annual maintenance schedule, which provides a short checklist for each month, plus blank space for adding your own. Featured in: Give Your Home a Long Life Using This Annual Maintenance Schedule.

Pre-Market Checklist

Several tasks have to be completed before putting your home on the market, and we’ve made this process much easier. We’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of home sellers over the years. Make a good first (and lasting!) impression. Follow this printable checklist for greater success. Featured in: To-Do Before Putting Your Home on the Market.

Tasks to complete before putting your home on the market [printable checklist] | The Harrisonburg Homes Team
Sell Your Home Without Stress: Free Printable Pre-Showing Checklist | The Harrisonburg Homes Team

Pre-Showing Checklist

Now that your home is officially on the market, agents want to show your beautiful home to their buyer clients. Don’t panic! We know it is hard to live in a home while it’s for sale. Keeping it pristine all the time can be overwhelming. But, what if it didn’t have to be that way? Our printable pre-showing checklist will ease your stress. Featured in: Tasks to Complete Before Your Home is Shown to Potential Buyers

Ready to Buy? Checklist

Have you ever thought about living in a new place? When you stop to think about whether or not you’re ready to buy a home, several things may come to mind — finances, location, desired criteria — and it may add up so overwhelmingly that you talk yourself out of purchasing a home. Don’t let it! We’ve designed a one-page, super manageable checklist that you can follow to determine if you are ready to buy a home now. Featured in: Are You Ready to Buy a Home? Tasks to Complete Before Starting Your Home Search

Are you ready to buy a home? Use this one-page printable checklist to find out | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty
The Easiest Way to Prove Your Home's Increased Value: Project Tracking Worksheet [PRINTABLE] | Harrisonblog

Home Updates Worksheet

You’ve probably updated your home in some way. Track every project with our simple, printable worksheet so you can prove your home’s increased value to the next owners. Featured in: The Easiest Way to Prove Your Home Has Increased in Value: Track Home Updates

Remodeling Planner + Budget Worksheet

Take the stress out of a large remodeling undertaking — from start to finish — with our Remodeling Planner + Budget Worksheet. Featured in: How To Plan and Budget for a Remodeling Project

How To Plan and Budget for a Remodeling Project [Printable Worksheet]
Free House Hunting Spreadsheet | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty

House Hunting Tracker

Searching for a home can get overwhelming real quick. Track the homes you’ve seen in our free spreadsheet, color-code and cross-out to your heart’s content, and share it with your agent so you’re all on the same page. Featured in: Buyers: Keep Track of Your House Hunting

Whole House Color Palette Worksheet

Decide on a gorgeous color scheme for your entire home with our Whole House Color Palette Worksheet. Featured in: How To Choose a Color Palette For Your Whole Home

Whole House Color Palette Worksheet | Harrisonblog